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Your privacy and card details are in very safe hands! Read why:
Our site is protected by excellent security. Any sensitive personal information is always transmitted between your browser and our site using SSL. The industry standard Secure Server Certificate we use has been engineered to provide the flexibility to dynamically support 40-bit, 56-bit, or 128-bit encryption, depending on the type of web browser you are using.

Binary Designs Pty Ltd (trading as Binary Music) has a strict policy to ensure our customers credit card numbers should be protected using world best practice. When you submit your card through our secure server the card number is first encrypted using SSL before being transmitted across the internet. (This should be standard practise for most sites, though unfortunately is not always the case.)

We suggest you always look for the 'lock' icon before ever submitting any sensitive information. Our customer account areas are also protected in this way.

The use of SSL security, however, is only the first step. Many e-commerce sites use SSL but when the card number reaches the server, on many sites, it is then stored on the server in a readable form by anyone who has access to the server, or unfortunately, as has happened to many companies, by any hacker who manages to pry into the server!

To ensure your card details are always safe we decided to take our security to the top level by using 2048 bit encryption technologies. What this means is that as soon as your encrypted card number arrives at our server through the secure SSL connection, the card number is then encrypted again to US military grade standards before being temporarily stored. In the very worst case, and hopefully unlikely scenario, if a hacker was to ever break in to our server all they would find is a 2048 encrypted code block. A code block like this would take many, many months of full time work for even the best hacker to attempt to decode, if ever! Very few if any hackers would even attempt such a task for they would recognise the encryption technology in place and give up. To spend six months full time trying to crack one credit card is simply not worth the effort. As many serious studies have proven, decrypting such a code block is practically an impossible task!

We have chosen these technologies for they are world's best practise. Placing a credit card order on our server is actually safer than purchasing an item at the supermarket or petrol station where, not only are your card details sent across the internet for processing by the bank, but are also often placed in a cash draw and a carbon copy placed into a rubbish bin!

The only time your card number becomes visible through a Binary Designs Pty Ltd (trading as Binary Music) purchase is when our accounts department decode your card for a brief instant 'after' your goods are ready to ship. The decryption is never performed using the internet server! We can basically guarantee that your card will never be used by any other party through a Binary Designs Pty Ltd (trading as Binary Music) purchase.

If you still have doubts about placing a credit card order with us you can elect to call your details through over the phone or send us a fax with details, or post us a cheque!

Binary Designs Privacy Policy

Binary Designs Privacy Policy

| Our Commitment | Collection | Use and Disclosure | Access and Correction | Security |

| Identifiers | Sending Data Overseas & 3rd Party Websites | Complaint Resolution | Contact us |



At Binary Designs Pty Ltd we recognise that your privacy is very important to you.  We handle personal information provided by and about people every day.  By “personal information” we mean information or an opinion about a person whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained.

We are bound by, and committed to supporting, the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988 as recently amended.  This Statement does not apply to employee records of any of Binary Designs' current or former employees.

You can obtain more information on request about the way we manage the personal information we hold.  If you seek any further information please contact us in one of the ways set out below.  



In the course of selling and servicing goods, conducting promotional activities,  and extending credit to business associates, Binary Designs Pty Ltd may receive or have access to personal information such as names and addresses of students, teachers, customers and interested members of the public. 

The main purposes for collecting that personal information are to enable us to service any goods that may require repair, to distribute information and details of products and promotions of interest, or to assess whether to extend credit to you and to manage your account.

We will only collect personal information from or about you that is necessary for one or more of our functions and activities.  We will only collect personal information from or about you by lawful and fair means, without being unreasonably intrusive, such as when you complete one of our application forms, enrolment forms, promotional forms, warranty forms or the like.

At or before the time we collect personal information from or about you we will take reasonable steps in the circumstances to inform you why we are collecting that personal information, who else we might disclose that personal information to and what will happen if you do not provide the personal information to us.  Where reasonable and practicable, we will only collect personal information about you, from you. 

Wherever it is lawful and practicable, we will give you the option of not identifying yourself or not providing personal information when entering transactions with us.  However, in most cases we will be unable to extend credit to business associates, and provide our services fully and properly, if identifying personal information about you is not received.

Once we hold personal information we can take reasonable steps to keep it accurate, complete and up-to-date.  



We will only use your personal information for the main purposes it was needed for, except where you consent to us using that personal information for another purpose, or where the other purpose is related to the main purpose and you would reasonably expect us to use the personal information for that other purpose.

In relation to direct marketing, where practicable we will seek your consent before we use your personal information for this purpose.  You may tell us at any time you do not wish to receive any further direct marketing materials – if you do, we will stop sending you such materials.

In order to fulfil the purposes set out above we may provide access to your personal information to third parties with whom we have a business relationship, for example to those who maintain and update our IT system and database, to those who assist with mail-outs, to credit reporting agencies, debt collection agencies and business colleagues who seek trade references. You accept that not all recipients of your information may have privacy policies equivalent to Binary Designs, but despite this you still consent to the disclosure of your personal information for the purposes we have stated above.  



If you ask, we will tell you what personal information we hold about you, and what we do with it.  In most cases, unless an exception applies, we will facilitate access to you in the most appropriate way following receipt of your request.  Any charge we make for providing access will be reasonable.  If we refuse access we will advise you of our reasons for doing so.

If you can show us that the personal information is inaccurate, we will take reasonable steps to correct it.   


We will take reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse and loss, and destroy or permanently de-identify personal information we no longer need.  



We will not adopt as our own any identifiers that you may provide to us such as TFNs, Medicare numbers etc.  


We will not send any personal information about you overseas unless you consent to this, or we reasonably believe that the other country has privacy laws substantially similar to our own.

Our website may contain links to other websites, including the websites of our commercial partners.  When this occurs be sure to check the privacy policy of those websites as we are not responsible for privacy practices of those other parties.  



We are committed to providing all parties whose personal information we hold a fair and responsible system for the handling of their complaints.

If at any time you have any complaints in relation to privacy, please contact our Privacy Officer at one of the points referred to below.  We will seek to address any concerns that you have through our complaints handling processes, but if you wish to take matters further you may refer your concerns to the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner.  



If you seek any further information from Binary Designs Pty Ltd about this Statement or our privacy policy generally please contact our Privacy Officer at :

Shop 12 Cleveland Plaza 48 Bloomfield St

Telephone:  +617 3488 2230
Facsimile:  +617 3488 2232


Further information on privacy in Australia may be obtained by visiting the web site of the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner at

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