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To assist you with installation and setup of your software, we have gathered documentation from various manufacturers below. If you wish to contact us directly, please phone during office hours, or you can send an email to our support department.

Manufacturer Details
Acoustica (Mixcraft) Mixcraft Network Install Instructions - Click here for help with Mixcraft network installation on multiple computers (html page).
Harmonic Vision Music Ace Lab Pack - Designed for use in schools with many non-networked computers. Tracks progress of 240 users per computer. Student tracking data is stored on each of the individual workstations. Includes 3-ring binder, 1 CD-ROM, User's Guide, Educator's Guide, and a license to install the software on multiple computers.

Music Ace Network Version - Designed for use in schools with a local area network. Tracks progress of up to 3,600 students and comes with a license to use the software on multiple computers at one location. Student tracking data in the network version is saved in a single location on the network server for easy access by the educator.

MakeMusic Using concurrent licensing with Finale site-licensed software - Click Here to download the Finale documentation (doc 26Kb).
Sony Installing & registering Sony site-licensed software - Click Here to download the Sony documentation (pdf 63Kb).

Jam Trax/SDML - Saving Files in a Networked Environment - Click Here to download a tip on JamTrax/SDML file saving (doc 22Kb).

For information on how to Activate Sibelius (V7 and above), click here.

Sibelius 6.2 and Above Check-out feature for Network licences
New in Sibelius 6.2 is the ability to 'check-out' network copies of Sibelius from the network so they can be used in standalone mode, then 'check-in' later. This feature is ideally suited to teacher laptops. Registered users of version 6 can download the free update to version 6.2 here.

How to Check Out Sibelius Licences
Read This Article on how to check-out copies of Sibelius from your network.
To download the latest version of the Sibelius License Server, you can go to:

Running Sibelius 5 on Windows 7 - To get Sibelius 5 working on Windows 7, you'll need to do the following:
First of all, make sure you're running the latest version of Sibelius 5 (5.2.5), which will be identified on your Sibelius 5 DVD. If you're not, locate and download the correct update patch for your version from here:
Once you've run any update patch you'll need to replace a file called: portaudio_x86.dll, which is located in:
C:\Program Files\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 5
with the new one from this webpage:
You may also need to run the program as “Administrator” too. To do this, go to the follow the instructions at this help page:
When the warning window pops up in Windows 7 that talks about compatibility issues, you should be able to click “Run” and it will allow the program to run OK.

Sibelius 6 Tutorial Videos - click here to view a series of video tutorials created by our good friend James Humberstone.

Sibelius Clean Install - Click Here to download the Sibelius documentation (doc 24Kb).

Sibelius Network Edition - Details for Sibelius 5. Details for Sibelius 6.

SmartMusic Internet Activation - Click Here to download the SmartMusic support document (doc 81Kb).
Superscope Factory Reset - Click Here for the instructions for the PSD340 and PSD300.
CD Mix Level - While in Rec/Pause mode (flashing) press the Menu/Store button then turn the jog wheel until CD Level is displayed. Click the wheel and a dB level is displayed (0 dB is the maximum). Turn anti-clockwise to reduce the level of audio coming from the top CD player in the mix, and press the wheel again to set that level.

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